Box and Stables

STRUCTURES characterized by a solid frame constructed using steel minimum thickness 2/3/millimetri treated by hot dip galvanizing against corrosion with the natural ability to paint in any color.

WALLS use predominantly larch wood thickness 34/35mm with joint m / f can be replaced by versions of lumber thicker or more valuable as the IROC, bamboo or oak or other less expensive but not least beautiful as the traditional fir or red.

Equisystems can also provide other types of materials designed for rear-end collisions as recycled plastic or wood panels laminated phenolic.

COVERAGE We offer the choice of fiber cement panels, insulated panels, or corrugated, slate or tile and faux can also mount them on laminated wood structures, however finished with plumbing works.

WINDOWS panel and skylights are made of polycarbonate to ensure the health of the horse and in fairly good thermal insulation.

Everything we offer can be customized and changed after each request, which would enable our customers to create a team tailored to your needs.