Rods Covers

STRUCTURE steel minimum thickness 2/3/millimetri treated by hot dip galvanizing and paint ability of any color.

WALLS height 1.70 m, are built on a slope to ensure both the safety of the rider and the horse also can be raised or equipped with windows.

BUFFER is done with work with interlocking panels m / f larch wood thickness 34/35mm with the ability to switch to other types of lumber such as the iroc, bamboo, oak or fir.

On request you can also choose other materials designed for rear-end collisions as recycled plastic or wood panels laminated phenolic.

COVER offer a choice of fiber cement panels, insulated panels, or corrugated, slate or tile fake, with the possibility of also mounted on laminated wood structures, although, to date, remains the PVC material as required.

Each of our solution can be customized with optional accessories and varied, giving our customers the opportunity to create a structure tailored to their needs.